About Royal Avion Services Limited

Royal Avion Services Limited’s mission is to get recognition as amongst the best air charter and airport terminal services company providing exceptional, value-driven aviation and support services in the United Republic of Tanzania and beyond.

Aviation sector in Tanzania is showing an upward trend in recent years, suggesting a need to improve and increase air transport service providers.  A timely decision in the making, as in January of 2019, we founded the idea to incorporate this company.  With the right mix of service breadth and exceptional expertise to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers; Royal Avion Services Limited shall deliver reliable, innovative, cost-effective services and solutions.

The structure of this organization is led by our Chairman & CEO, Dr. Saleh Al Akrabi, a veteran Financial Institutions expert.  Operations Director’s post is managed by aviation industry veteran Capt. Khalil M. Iqbal with over 25 years of international aviation experiences, supported by talented Operations, ticketing and customer care staff.  An expert team of Marketing and Sales department is led by Director – Mr. Mohamed Al Akrabi.  Proudly Tanzanian company and employs Tanzanian Nationals only.

Royal Avion shall observe 100% safety and security standards as per ICAO and IATA regulations.  As well ensuring all our partnering operators and their agents have the necessary licenses, certifications and proficiencies; Royal Avion shall do follow-ups on detailed and regular inspections of their operating and scheduled maintenance records, and closely monitor their standards of service and reliability.

We shall serve local and international communities,  VIP’s/ CIP’s, carry small parcels and above all, one of our key strength is our ability to build and maintain robust, optimistic and fruitful professional partnerships, our various representation businesses shall be testimony theretofore.  We have identified and through MOU’s which will serve to represent several companies in the United Republic of Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Comoros, Canada and South Africa, managing every aspect of their trade and customer-facing operation.  Many of these relationships shall be long-standing.  Our partnership also stretches to other travel brands, hotels, resorts and attractions wherein our team is dedicated and versatile.  In the United Republic of Tanzania our retail footprint for Royal Avion empowers us to provide focus on our partnership brands, adding extra value.

You will be amongst the testimony we would like to serve Royally.

“Karibu Sana”