Time zips along and the pace of life is getting faster around the clock. You confront new needs, new opportunities, which leads to new desires.

Through our partners in most of the countries in the world we are equipped to take care of virtually any task, our clients may set. Outstanding, meticulous attention to every possible request and absolute confidentiality are just several to the corporate principles, we rely on in our daily work. Just email us, call our specialists or leave your request on our website, and we will get to work right away!

Services include:

  • Aircraft Charter; non-scheduled
  • Ground Handling
  • VIP Services at all major airports; Airport meet, greet and assist services and security (upon request)
  • Individual guided tours in (Swahili, Italian, English, German, French, Arabic) languages
  • Individual or group travel planning; excursion, trip support services in Africa
  • Renting premium villas, ancient house, islands for your recreations or an exclusive event
  • Arranging interpreters and guard escort services
  • Finest restaurants booking
  • Exclusive shopping and professional consulting services
  • Baggage wrapping
  • Your request!

If your business involves frequent official trips with continuous travelling by air or if you are weary of long waits for your flight and tire at some check-ins, then in this case, to describe the advantages of private charters to you would be to preach to the converted. Private aircraft rental brings significant time saving due to the access to non-public airports, independence of the rigid flight schedules, minimum risks and on-board and airport VIP-service.

Our company programs individual and corporate air travel around the United Republic of Tanzania and globally.

Should the need arise for another type of aircraft, Royal Avion can work either at your request to find charter operator or at the request of the charter operator to find you,  rely on Royal Avion to place one.


Why Use An Aircraft Charter?

In this day and age, while most people have had the experience of travelling on commercial airlines, either for business or pleasure, fewer have had the pleasure of chartering a private aircraft for executive travel.  Royal Avion as a professional charter broker, shall secure your choice of aircraft wherein you and your companions will be treated to VIP service and a level of convenience and privacy not available anywhere except on our flights

Royal Avion Services gives you complete flexibility and convenience to fly when, where, and how you want. Unlike flying on commercial airlines, Royal Avion flight allows you to choose private jet or turboprop aircraft that fits your specific needs and requirements for your charter flights. Furthermore, you can choose to depart from and fly to over 20 paved airport locations and over 50 unpaved airstrips nationwide, something you simply cannot do with commercial travel, which services considerably fewer airports.


Convenience: the hallmark of Charter Travel

Royal Avion flight are typical to commercial flights in regard to actual flight time to reach your destinations; however, the real advantages to chartering aircraft become exceedingly apparent when you consider the conveniences provided. When you utilize Royal Avion charter services, you fly on a private aircraft, on your schedule, direct to your destination, when and where you want. Catering and amenities are provided at your request. You drive directly to your private aircraft, your luggage is loaded and you board your aircraft. You can fly in and out of small private airstrips or large airports when utilising our charter services. The advantage to this type of “executive” travel is that you can conduct business during the flight or simply sit back and relax as the seats and cabins are large and comfortable on a typical private air charter. You avoid the hassles of parking, self-baggage handling, long lines at the ticket, check-in counters, delayed flights, layovers in crowded airports, and cancelled flights, our charter services provide the ultimate in service and convenience for leisure and business travel.

Ground Handling

Royal Avion provides ground handling services in two different operational areas: ramp services and flight operations:


Ramp Services:


  • Equipment supply
  • Provision of Ground Power Unit, Air Condition Unit
  • Lavatory and Potable water services


Flight Operation Services:


  • Flight permit and airport slot applications
  • Preparation and distribution of flight plan to the flight crew
  • Pre-arranged Fuel services
  • Pre-arranged aircraft catering
  • Weather and Notams briefing

Arrival Services:

Premium VIP and Standard Meet, Greet & Assist Service

Having our services at your disposal you will be able to pass through all the required formalities upon your arrival, quickly and comfortably at many airports in the United Republic of Tanzania

Services available for passengers upon their arrival:

  • Meeting individual air travelers/ groups upon your arrival at the airport
  • Passengers’ transportation from the aircraft by appointed vehicles or escort to the passport control area (depending on the airport and the aircraft parking position)
  • Fast Track- expedited passport and customs control and if necessary, sanitary control accompanied by our staff member/ agent in some of our airports all these formalities can take place at the VIP lounge
  • Porter service, loading/unloading of luggage and carrying of luggage is provided


Departures Services:

Premium VIP and Standard Meet, Greet & Assist Service

Departure services available at the airports for passengers:

  • Meeting individual air travelers/ groups upon your arrival at the airport
  • Arrangement for vehicles to be parked near the terminal curb/ VIP facility
  • Porter service for unloading luggage and handling carry-on bags, delivery of baggage to check-in or to the VIP lounge
  • Fast Track- airport entry gate security screening, flight check-in, passport and customs control, and if necessary sanitary control, accompanied by our staff member/ agent. Help with formalities for tax free shopping at some of our airports, all formalities are taken care of in the VIP lounge
  • Waiting for the flights in a comfortable VIP lounge (for premium VIP clients)
  • Passenger transportation to the aircraft by appointed vehicle or escort to the boarding area (depending on the airport and the aircraft parking position)


Transit Services:

Premium VIP and Standard Meet, Greet & Assist Service

Transit services are available at the airports for VIP and standard meet, greet & assist passengers:

  • Meeting individual air travelers/ groups upon their disembarkation from aircraft
  • Passenger transportation from an aircraft by appointed vehicles or escort to the boarding area
  • Fast Track- expedited check-in for a connecting flight, passport and customs control, accompanied by our airport staff member/ agent. At some airports all the formalities are taken care of in the VIP lounge
  • Waiting for the flight in a comfortable VIP lounge
  • If the connection time is longer than 6 hours, you can book rooms at the nearby airport hotel – to expect your flight in a comfortable location, and, if necessary, request a transfer to/from the airport
  • Passengers transportation to the aircraft by appointed vehicles or escort to the boarding area

(Depending on the airport and the aircraft parking position)

We will be pleased to arrange exclusive services to distinguished clients, such as Royal Families, Sheikhs, Lords, Dukes, Maharajas, VIP’s and Celebrities, whereby they are greeted on the ground in front of the aircraft.

This Service may, upon request, obtain the necessary clearance and ensure that our client continues to travel incognito and safe.

Royal Avion offers the best travel opportunities in the United Republic of Tanzania and beyond. Our company focuses in complex, rush, individual/ group tours, as well as VIP services. Depending on your needs we can tailor/ arrange:

  • Family Recreation
  • Weddings and Honeymoons
  • Sea and River Cruises
  • Underwater World
  • Luxury Resorts and Islands
  • Safari
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Luxury Car Rentals

Whether or not, you have travelled all around the world, we have what it takes to hand-pick a tour that will surprise you!

We offer a unique opportunity: break away from the rigid travelling logistics-deadlines, hotels and charter flights! Be your guide and plan your tour, drawing on a multitude of comfortable options for recreations.

Today’s fast paced life usually leaves little time for family members, let alone friends. Marvel your loved ones and go on a family journey.

Royal Avion will arrange educational excursion to any part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Your children will see with their own eyes the matchless beauty of this vast and beautiful country.

Spend your honeymoon at a fantastic retreat or take a dream cruise. Tanzania has so many wondrous places groomed to be ideal for marriage vows.

We will be delighted to assist you through to choose exactly what you have been yearning for. We will also save you the trouble of meeting and accommodating the guests, organizing the wedding ceremony and decorations – the whole event management.

Since centuries, people travel by rivers, sea and oceans and discover new main lands. Tanzania has navigable rivers, pristine sea and gateway to vast oceans.

Today’s cruises have unbelievable opportunity to see many places in a few days’ span, plunge into different cultures, or simply spend your time in the most comfortable environment

All deep water fans know the history of East Coast of Africa and explorers. It was him who made improvements, or more precisely, invented the modern aqualung and the goggles for diving.

Those who have taken a dive in the deep sea or ocean water at least once, experienced unforgettable feelings, encounters with the coral reefs, barracudas, great sharks and stingrays, will never get along without these adventures. Divers from around the world come to enjoy the deep sea diving and snorkelling on the tropical islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

Therefore, we offer customised diving tours, individual or group tours; the choice being yours. Your tour will be a holiday to remember…a tour that’s super exciting and entertaining.

In addition to the chain of world known magnificent hotels, there are secluded places in Tanzania, where people are few and sparse and the nature is pristine and tranquil. Explore Indian Ocean tropical islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia, few Nautical Miles off the Mainland Tanzania’s coast as well several smaller islands, which can only be visited with the prior permission of the owner and only if references are available.

For instances, there is no TV, no newspaper on valued small islands of the tropics. These are traded for sandy beaches, mysterious caves and cliffs decorated with the puzzling works of the ancient islanders. This is an ideal place to escape from the humdrum of civilisation.

Enjoy snorkel or aqualung dives, watch the red shrimps endemic to this area, or simply stay warm on the sand under the hot tropical sun. “Dress code” is synonymous to the cultures and traditions here, shorts and bare feet are welcome at the restaurants dinners, after all, isn’t it what a tropical island is for? Isn’t it a place to relax and enjoy?

As kids we dreamt about incredible adventures and mysterious lands. Many will recall the animals in their home town zoos or having watched the animated cartoon networks.

In contrast, visiting Tanzania in Africa today is safe and fun for kids and grownups alike. New unbelievable experiences are guaranteed in defiance of the 21st century, the nature in Tanzania is still pristine and the ancient traditions continue. Travelling to Tanzania means exciting adventures of which safaris are the most popular.

Literally translated from Swahili, “safari” means “travel”. Although in the past safari implied real hunting that often involved in killing animals, today it assumes observing and making photos of wildlife species in all their grandeur. Through similar principle, safaris are different in every country. The incredible African river (Nile) originates from Lake Victoria in Northern Tanzania, several worlds’ famous national parks such as the Serengeti National park, Ngoro Ngoro crater, and highest mountain in Africa – Mountain Kilimanjaro are all found in this vast territory. Royal Avion can arrange a holiday safari for individuals or groups.

Royal Avion offers best choices from place to place, even if you have travelled all across the world, we will handpick a tour that will surprise you! Our company can arrange one of luxurious travel based on the itinerary developed by the traveller with our staff’s assistance. Royal Avion offers our clients a life-changing, enriching travel, we do that by allowing them to take an “insider’s look” at all clients of the world in a secure, comfortable, smart and competent environment.

You can choose to visit several cities on the mainland Tanzania or the islands, travel as an individual or with the group of friends, we can arrange for guide services in your native language. The only limitation to the route you choose is your imagination.

Royal Avion will provide car tourism fans with any luxury car makes available through our partnership with best local car rentals;

You may choose to drive the car yourself (valid International Driving Permit required) or use a professional driver and guide, so that nothing distracts you from your thoughts and enjoyments during your trip.

If you wish, our professional drivers will deliver your vehicle to any point in the United Republic of Tanzania.